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Pelvic Floor Strengthening and Battling Incontinence

Incontinence can feel like it’s taking control of your life. It can have you going through multiple pairs of pants or underwear a day, causing self-deprecation and embarrassment. Stop looking for the bathrooms everywhere you go. Stop planning your entire day around restroom breaks and take back control of your life. When every day can be a struggle, it can feel like a miracle just to be normal. The specialists at Springs Body Sculpting have years of experience helping women of all ages overcome incontinence and start living a regular life again. You don’t have to suffer anymore. Call our Colorado Springs office today and schedule an appointment.

close up of woman's torso

Take Back Control of Your Life

As you age, after childbirth, or after menopause, your pelvic floor muscles may start to sag. This loosening and sagging eliminates your body’s ability to support your pelvic organs. When that happens, those organs sit on top of your bladder, causing incontinence. We set out to help women in Colorado Springs strengthen their pelvic floor muscles to help take back control of their bladders. At Springs Body Sculpting in Colorado Springs, CO, we focus on noninvasive strengthening and fat elimination processes. While pelvic floor exercises can get you halfway to recovery, they lack the impact that our techniques and technology can provide.

State-of-the-Art Noninvasive Technology

We utilize a specific type of noninvasive technology to battle incontinence called Emsella. Treatments are quick, easy, painless, and effective! When you schedule an appointment with us, we’ll discuss treatment plans and how they can help you! Our knowledgeable staff enjoys answering any questions and concerns you may have. It’s time to take your life back and feel normal again. Visit our Emsella page for more information on how to overcome incontinence through this new state-of-the-art technology.

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