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Noninvasive Butt Lifts in Colorado Springs, CO

Today’s trends have both women and men concerned with how their rear ends look, and fortunately, there’s now an easy way to achieve exactly what you want! Your butt is one of the most popular places for fat to gather. You deserve to be comfortable in your own skin, and sometimes no matter what diet you try, it doesn’t seem to help. CoolSculpting® offers a safe and noninvasive alternative to traditional butt lifts. While going under the knife might sound like a compelling idea, most people prefer a method that doesn’t require months of recovery. When our culture seems to revolve around remarkable rear ends, nobody wants to be left out. Visit Springs Body Sculpting in Colorado Springs, CO to tighten that tushy.

close up of woman's back

What’s the Process Like?

Usually, with a butt lift, clients only need to visit for a single 30-60-minute session. This noninvasive and typically painless procedure will start to show results after a month or so, as your body will work naturally to eliminate fat and tighten your rear end. During the treatment, feel free to relax as we take care of everything. After the process, you’re free to go back to your day, as there is no recovery time or medications you need to take. In seemingly no time at all, you’ll be on your way to a new and improved backside! Call us today and let’s form a plan that’s right for you.

Do I Want CoolSculpting® for My Booty?

Body sculpting will not add extra padding to your butt like implants or fat grafting does. It offers noninvasive contouring and cellulite reduction to better texture and shape your butt for a great toned effect. Springs Body Sculpting is a judgment-free facility. We respect all of your choices about how you want to look. Our staff is happily here to help you achieve those goals. By combining body sculpting with proper diet and exercise, you’ll be looking fit and fab in no time.

Start Your Journey to a Slimmer You.