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Body Contouring Super Packages:

“Holy Trifecta” Trim Tighten and Tone: Start by trimming off fat with Coolsculpting, followed up with tightening and contouring the skin with our Venus Legacy body contouring device, and finish up with toning your muscles along with further permanent fat destruction with our Emsculpt machine, for the “Holy Trifecta” effect on your problem areas. Each of these treatments work beautifully on their own, but they have a powerful synergistic effect when combined together!

“Dynamic Duos” Trim and Tighten/Tighten and Tone/Trim and Tone: Combining at least 2 modalities for both inch loss and tightening, or tightening and toning, will give dramatic results that last long-term!

We customize these “Super Packages” to each individual’s specific needs so that you know you are getting what is truly best for you! We do not believe in the “one size fits all” approach since each person is so unique. We pride ourselves in the quality of our services so that you get the results you are looking for!

Skin and Spa Super Packages:

Rejuvenate and Resurface: This combination package utilizes one of our customized chemical peels or anti-aging facials along with our skin resurfacing Venus Viva treatment for the ultimate anti-aging tool.  We are able to stack a variety of our spa facial services with our more intense laser treatments depending on your personal needs. Our professional team will customize the correct package designed specifically for you!

Tribella: This powerful trifecta combines our photorejuvenation Intense Pulse Light (IPL) for improving overall skin tone, Venus Legacy diamond polar for tightening, contouring and reducing wrinkles, and Venus Viva resurfacing for large pores, scarring, uneven texture, roacea, and boosted collagen production. This three-in-one treatment will provide a long-term total facial rejuvenation transformation with superior clinical results! Overall skin tone, elasticity and texture will be the results you can expect from this ultimate age-defying treatment!

Start Your Journey to a Slimmer You.